Sunday, August 01, 2004

Mc Clean... Swiss pay bathroom...  Posted by Hello

Oldest wooden bridge in Europe... I think... Switzerland... Posted by Hello

Weeeeeeeeee!!! Posted by Hello

Lucern, Switzerland... Posted by Hello

Big Lion carved in Big Cliff... Story at 11... Posted by Hello

From the balcony at the Montana Hotel in Lucern... Posted by Hello

Luzerne, Switzerland at night with a bit of creative shutter work... hehehe Posted by Hello

A room with a view...  Posted by Hello

The Montana, in Luzerne, Switzerland... It's the one up on the hill there...  Posted by Hello

Heading up to Burgenstock for our day of mountain climbing... Posted by Hello

45 degrees straight up!!! Posted by Hello

We climbed a mountain, Whew! Posted by Hello

A Swiss bug on a Swiss flower in Switzerland! Posted by Hello

The hills are alive!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

Swiss Alpes Posted by Hello

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. 7 p.m. Spring

Here is some information on the town. Posted by Hello

Glasi Hergiswil, Switzerland Posted by Hello

Glass blower in Switzerland Posted by Hello

Florence, Italia, Italy Posted by Hello

The windows of Florence. Posted by Hello

Duomo in Florence Posted by Hello

The people of Florence... Posted by Hello

The streets of Florence Posted by Hello

Florence, Italy Posted by Hello

Florence, Italy Posted by Hello

The giant pigeons of Milan, Italy... Posted by Hello

The people of Milan... Posted by Hello

Milan, Italy Posted by Hello

Milan, Italy Posted by Hello

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